3-12 years


Trick or Treat?

All outlets across the GCC
October 13, 2016 - October 13, 2016

  • As Halloween approaches, Fun City starts to prepare for its second annual event called ‘Spookfest’. Another kid-fantasy fulfilled! - as they dress in their favourite horror costumes, ready to spook their friends and family, most excited to have a trick-or-treat at Fun City. Spookfest is celebrated across all outlets and brings with it an evening filled with truckloads of spooky activities and spooky fun. ‘Mummy Wrapping’, ‘Spooky Games’, ‘Monster Freeze Dance with Pumpkin Patches’ and the Halloween surprise- Pinnata are some of the hair raising events that has the kids totally engrossed - and grossed out! No wonder it is difficult to get them to leave for home after such a show!